ICADL 2016

18th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries


the Asia-Pacific Forum of Information Schools

December 5 to 9, 2016
University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

“Knowledge, Information and Data in Open Access Society”

This International Forum will include the 18th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL 2016) and the Asia-Pacific Forum of Information Schools (APIS) Open Access is widely recognized as a key concept for the progress of the networked information society – Open Science, Open Government, Open Data, etc. This forum is aimed to discuss novel technologies, sciences and services of Knowledge, Information and Data (KID) in the Open Access Society and build human networks for KID research, education and services.


December 4(Sun) : NEW

Program for Print (PDF) become available

November 29(Thu) :

Proceedings become available

Timetable (Preliminary) is Updated (Details of APIS Main Program (12/6) Open)

November 14(Mon) :

Panels is Updated (WS2 Natural Disasters: What KID Can Do in/for It)

Keynotes is Updated (Keynote 2: Title and Abstract)

Travel is Updated (Details of the Conferene Venue and Transportation)

November 11(Fri) :

Timetable (Preliminary) is Updated (Details of 12/5 Open)

November 7(Mon) :

A Call for Student Volunteer Program Open

October 31(Mon) :

Panel Open

Timetable (Preliminary) is Updated

October 24(Mon) :

Keynotes are Updated (title and absutruct are added)

Timetable is Updated (still tentative)

October 13(Thr) :

October 12(Wed) :

October 4(Thu) :

The announcement about Letters of Invitation is noted

Call for Paricipation: Ideathon - Graduate Students Collaborative Workshop Ideathon is a workshop where participants from different countries discuss in small groups and collaboratively develop research ideas.

September 2(Thu) :

July 6(Wed) :

Call for Participation: Doctoral Consortium

June 29(Wed) :

Some issues are updated (venue information, host and partners and so on)

June 22(Wed) :

Paper Submission Deadline Extended

June 10(Fri) :

Web Site Open

Important Dates

July 2(Sat) :

Paper Abstract Deadline

  • *Abstracts must be submitted by the deadline and will be used for reviewer assignment.
  • If you have not submitted the abstract of your paper yet, contact PC chairs (icadl16-contact ml.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp) as soon as possible. We will not extend the deadline for paper submission.

July 2(Sat)   July 9(Sat):

Paper Submission Deadline

  • Full research papers

  • Short practitioner papers

  • Short work-in-progress papers

August 19(Fri) :

Workshop Proposal Deadline

August 29 (Mon) :

Notification (Papers and Workshops)

September 2 (Thu) :

September 3 (Sat) :

Doctral Consortium Submission Deadline [Announcement (PDF)]

September 13 (Tue) :

Camera Ready Copy Due

September 18 (Sun) :

Deadline for conference registration for authors

September 23 (Fri) :

Doctral Consortium Acceptance Notification

October 31(Mon) :

Deadline for Early Bird Registration

November 7 (Mon) :

Doctral Consortium Proceedings Paper Submission

December 5 (Mon) - December 9 (Fri) :



Student Volunteer Program

*In English*

The organizing committee is calling for volunteers who can help this conference.
Tasks expected are,

  • preparing the conference kits
  • helping registration and session chairs
  • helping participants on site


We welcome Japanese and International students of University of Tsukuba. Students who are willing to help organize this event should send an email to the organizing committee (icadl16-volunteerml.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp) with the following information by November 18 (Fri).

  • Name:
  • Affiliation:
  • Choose time slots you can work as a volunteer:
    • Dec. 5 AM
    • Dec. 5 PM
    • Dec. 6 AM
    • Dec. 6 PM
    • Dec. 7 AM
    • Dec. 7 PM
    • Dec. 8 AM
    • Dec. 8 PM
    • Dec. 9 AM
    • Dec. 9 PM

*Students who work as volunteers can participate in the information forum (AP-IS and ICADL 2016) without registration fee. Banquet is not included in this program.



  • 会議の配布物の準備
  • 受付と座長の補助
  • 会場での参加者の補助


筑波大学の日本人学生や留学生の参加を歓迎します. お手伝いいただける学生は,下記の情報を書いたメールを組織委員会(icadl16-volunteerml.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp) 宛に11月18日までに送って下さい..

  • 名前:
  • 所属:
  • ボランティア可能日時を選んで下さい (必要ならより細かく書いて下さい):
    • 12/5 午前
    • 12/5 午後
    • 12/6 午前
    • 12/6 午後
    • 12/7 午前
    • 12/7 午後
    • 12/8 午前
    • 12/8 午後
    • 12/9 午前
    • 12/9 午後