about -Ideathon for Discussion and development of Reseach Ideas

This Ideathon is planned for graduate students, particularly for PhD students and young researchers in the Asia Pacific region to collaboratively develop future research ideas. This Ideathon is a workshop where participants from different countries discuss in small groups and collaboratively develop research ideas. Mentors who are a faculty at information schools will help the participants.

The idea of this workshop was born in the discussion among faculty members of information schools in Asia-Pacific at previous ICADLs and other meetings. We agreed that it is important for graduate students to provide opportunities where they have to discuss with students from other countries in our region. This workshop is planned for graduate students to discuss in a small group where any of the group members cannot be an audience but have to participate in discussion. This discussion environment is crucial for young researchers, particularly for those who English is a second language, to work in the globalized research and higher education environment.

The Ideathon is organized as two linked sessions during the international forum 2016 at University of Tsukuba – the First session on December 5 and the Second session on December 8, Participants will meet at the first session, continue discussion during the international forum, create a report at the second session. They will be asked to present their report at the end of ICADL 2016 on December 9.


Those who want to participate in this event should contact Shigeo Sugimoto ( directly by email. Any question about this event is also welcome. The request/inquiry messages should be titled “Ideathon” as their subject. Registration request message should include,

  • Name and Affiliation
  • Contact information (email address)
  • Position statement

Deadline to send participation request/inquiry

No firm deadline to send participation requests but the organizing committee is hoping to receive the requests by October 31, 2016

Organizing Committee Co-chairs

Shigeo Sugimoto (University of Tsukuba, Japan) Co-Chair
Hao-ren Ke (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan), Co-Chair

*members to be added