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Colloquium: "Towards a cooperative ecosystem of data vocabularies"

Invited Speaker: Dr. Thomas Baker (DCMI)



Graduate Students Workshop (Ideathon)

Modelators: Shigeo Sugimoto, Hao-ren Ke, and information schools faculties

Gathering and introduction to the iSchool @ Tsukuba

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Welcome: Chieko Mizoue

(Provost, Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba)

Invited Talks

A Reflection on iSchool Success Factors

Speaker: Sam Oh (SKKU, Korea)

Collaboration across time and community: Building a technical infrastructure

Speaker: David Fenske (Drexel, USA)


Room A

APIS Doctoral Consortium Session 1A: Information behavior

Chair: Taro Tezuka (University of Tsukuba)

Using Eye-Gaze Tracking Features to Re-Rank Search Results for Scientific Literature Survey

Rika Okamoto (SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies))
Supervisor: Keizo Oyama (SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies))

Information Needs and Knowledge Acquisition in Context of Online Disease-Related Information Search

He Fang (Peking University/ Nanyang Technological University)
Supervisor: Wang Yanfei (Peking University), Christopher Khoo (Nanyang Technological University)

System-Based Information Behavior Model: A Research Proposal

Wachira Yangyuen (Walailak University)
Supervisor: Siwanath Nuntapichai, Thimaporn Phetkaew (Walailak University)

Understanding the Continuance Intention of Knowledge Seeking in Virtual Communities: The Moderating Role of Habit

Li Li (Wuhan University)
Supervisor: Xianjin Zha (Wuhan University)
Room B

APIS Doctoral Consortium 1B: Libraries and information environment

Chair: Chris Khoo Soo Guan (Nanyang Technological University)

Linked Data for Electronic Theses and Dissertations of the Thai Academic Digital Collection

Yuttana Jareonruen (Khon Kaen University)
Supervisor: KulthidaTuamsuk (Khon Kaen University)

Re-intermediation in the Fashion Industry: A Qualitative Study on Brokers in the Dongdae-mun Fashion District

Nuri Na (Seoul National University)
Supervisor: Jong-Seek Lee (Seoul National University)

Research on the Construction of Reading Promotion Evaluation System of Nonprofit Organization Libraries - Taking Xingren Library as an Example

Su Rina (Sun Yat-sen University)
Supervisor: Cheng Huanwen (Sun Yat-sen University)

A Study on Cooperation between US Librarians and Publishers in the Early 20th Century: Focusing on the Philosophy and Practice of the Freedom to Read

Rie Kominami (University of Tsukuba)
Supervisor: Yuko Yoshida (University of Tsukuba)
Room C

APIS Doctoral Consortium 1C: Digitization and data acquisition

Chair: Emi Ishita (Kyushu University)

A Design Implication Proposal for Patient-Generated Data Integrated EMR Screen: The Case of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Ji Eun Song (Seoul National University)
Supervisor: Joongseek Lee (Seoul National University)

Development of 3D Digital Collection of Thai Human Skulls

Satapon Yosakonkun (Khon Kaen University)
Supervisor: Kulthida Tuamsuk (Khon Kaen University), Panya Tuamsuk (Khon Kaen University)

On Preservation Incentive Misalignment for Information Resource Digitalization

Yang Min (Sun Yat-sen University)
Supervisor: Huang Xiaobin (Sun Yat-sen University)



APIS Business MTG at Multimedia Room (By Invitation Only)

Room A

APIS Doctoral Consortium 2A: Web and large document sets

Chair: Patrick Lo (University of Tsukuba)

A Study on LDA Topic Modeling Topic Word Interpretation Aided by Automatic Methods

Wang Xiaodi (Peking University)
Supervisor: Li Guangjian (Peking University)

Development of Semantic Web for Thai Historical Events

Ekkachai Sae-Jueng (Khon Kaen University)
Supervisor: Kulthida Tuamsuk (Khon Kaen University)

Concept, Process and Principle: Research on the Privacy Protection in Web Archiving

Heng HOU (Sun Yat-sen University)
Supervisor: Yongsheng CHEN (Sun Yat-sen University)
Room B

APIS Doctoral Consortium 2B: Communities and policy making

Chair: Shaoyu Ye (University of Tsukuba)

Analysis of Attributes to Identify Opinion Leadership in Communities using Decision Tree Technique

Sudarat Sangkeaw (Maejo University)
Supervisor: Piyawan Siripraseotsin (Maejo University), Marut Buranarach (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC))

A Study on the Approaches of Value Realization of Open Government Data

Li Baiyang (Wuhan University)
Supervisor: Huang Ruhua (Wuhan University)

Research on Frontier Topic Detection Based on Probability Outbreak and Correlation Analysis

Xu Min (Peking University)
Supervisor: Li Guangjian (Peking University)
Room C

APIS Doctoral Consortium 2C: Social aspects

Chair: Junko Teruyama (University of Tsukuba)

Analysis and Investigation of Information Science Education in China

Fengjiao Guo (Wuhan University)
Supervisor: Rongying Zhao (Wuhan University)

Comparison Research on Open Government Data Websites in China - Base on the Investigation of Nine OGD Websites

Liu Huiyun (Sun Yat-sen University)
Supervisor: Cao Shujin (Sun Yat-sen University)

Development of Semantic Knowledge-Based System for Thai Custom

Somphong Wathanti (Khon Kaen University)
Supervisor: Kulthida Tuamsuk (Khon Kaen University)



Roundtable - Open Discussion for Collaboration among Information Schools in Asia-Pacific

(Reports from AP-iSchools meeting and Doctoral Consortium and Discussion)

Speakers - tba

Welcome Reception (ASIS&T AP Chapter Presents) [ UH Restaurant ]

time Room A:
International Conference Room
Room B:
5th Conference Room

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Welcome: Hiroyuki Nishikawa

(Vice President and University Librarian, University of Tsukuba)

Keynote 1: Seismic Shifts in Professional Librarianship

Speaker: Prof. Ronald L. Larsen (University of Pittsburgh)
Chair: Andreas Rauber (Vienna University of Technology)


Room A

Session 1A: Information Access Design and User Experience

Chair: Fabio Crestani (Universita' della Svizzera Italiana)

[WiP] Rarity-oriented Information Retrieval: Social Bookmarking vs. Word Co-occurrence

Takayuki Yumoto, Takahiro Yamanaka, Manabu Nii and Naotake Kamiura.

[WiP] Proposing a Scientific Paper Retrieval and Recommender Framework

Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar, Schubert Foo and Natalie Pang.

[WiP] Investigating the Use of a Mobile Crowdsourcing Application for Public Engagement in a Smart City

Chei Sian Lee, Vishwaraj Anand, Feng Han, Xiaoyu Kong and Dion Goh

[Wip] User Testing of Prototype Systems in Two Different Environments: Preliminary Results

Tanja Merčun, Athena Salaba and Maja Žumer.

[Full] Finding “Similar but Different” Documents based on Coordinate Relationship

Meng Zhao, Hiroaki Ohshima and Katsumi Tanaka.
Room B

Session 1B: Community and Digital Libraries

Chair: Robert Allen, Yonsei University

[WiP] Personal Data, Life-logging Technologies and Implications for Privacy Literacy: A Systematic Literature Review and Everyday-Life Study of Users’ Perceptions

Zablon Pingo and Bhuva Narayan.

[WiP] The Value of Public Libraries during a Major Flooding: How Digital Resources Can Enhance Health and Disaster Preparedness in Local Communities

Feili Tu-Keefner.

[WiP] Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Legal Protection of Digital Archives Users’ Privacy in China

Zhang Jing and Lin Jiaping.

[Full] Involving Source Communities in the Digitization and Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge

Eric Boamah and Chern Li Liew.

[Practitioner] Students and their videos: implications for a video digital library

Sally Jo Cunningham, David Nichols and Judy Bowen.


*Posters are requested to be put up during the lunchtime.


Thematic Session 1: Future of DL Research and Information Schools


Break & Poster

Presented Papers in Poster Session
  • All WiP and Practitioner Papers
  • 2 Full Papers,
    • Finding “Similar but Different“ Documents based on Coordinate Relationship
    • Suggesting specific segments as link targets in Wikipedia
Room A

Session 2A: Information Extraction and Analysis

Chair: Toshiyuki Amagasa, University of Tsukuba

[Full] Rule Based Page Segmentation for Palm Leaf Manuscript on Color Image

Papangkorn Inkeaw, Jakramate Bootkrajang, Phasit Charoenkwan, Sanparith Marukatat, Shinn-Ying Ho and Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich.

[WiP] Exploiting Synonymy and Hypernymy to Learn Efficient Meaning Representations

Thomas Perianin, Hajime Senuma and Akiko Aizawa.

[WiP] Entity Linking for Mathematical Expressions in Scientific Documents

Giovanni Yoko Kristianto, Goran Topic and Akiko Aizawa.

[Full] Social Q&A Question-and-Comments Interactions and Outcomes: A Social Sequence Analysis

Sei-Ching Joanna Sin, Chei Sian Lee and Yin Leng Theng.
Room B

Session 2B: Digital LIbrary Design

Chair: Jin Cheon Na, NTU

[Practitioner] Supporting gender-neutral digital library design: a case study using the GenderMag toolkit

Sally Jo Cunningham and Annika Hinze.

[Practitioner] Developing Institutional Research Data Repository: A Case Study

Zhiwu Xie, Julie Speer, Yinlin Chen, Tingting Jiang, Collin Brittle and Paul Mather.

[Practitioner] Cultural Digital Map Prototype of Tourist Attractions in Niras Suphan written by Sunthon Phu, Poet of Thailand

Watcharee Phetwong, Unchasa Seenuankaew, Nanthiya Charin, Chadaphon Janchian and Krisorn Sawangsire.

[Full] The Rise and Fall of the Wonder Okinawa Digital Archive: Comparing Japanese and American Conceptualizations of Digital Archives

Andrew Wertheimer and Noriko Asato.

[WiP] Archival access to multi-perspective spoken word content

Douglas Oard, John Hansen, Abhijeet Sangwan, Bryan Toth, Lakshmish Kaushik and Chengzhu Yu.
time Room A:
International Conference Room
Room B:
5th Conference Room
Room C:
3rd Conference Room

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Keynote 2: Can “Big Data Learning” Enhance Information Retrieval and Content Production?

Speaker: Prof. Katsumi Tanaka (Kyoto University)
Chair: Atsuyuki Morishima (University of Tsukuba)


Room A

Session 3A: Open Access and Data

Chair: Marcia Lei Zeng, Kent State University

[Practitioner] MathDL: An Open Access Database of Mathematics Questions

Chu Keong Lee, Joan Jee Foon Wee and Don Tze Wai Chai.

[WiP] Interleaving Clustering of Classes and Properties for Disambiguating Linked Data

Takahiro Komamizu, Toshiyuki Amagasa and Hiroyuki Kitagawa.

[Full] A Framework for Linking RDF Datasets for Thailand Open Government Data based on Semantic Type Detection

Pattama Krataithong, Marut Buranarach, Nuttanont Hongwarittorrn and Thepchai Supnithi.

[WiP] An Attempt to Promote Open Data for Digital Humanities in Japanese University Libraries

Emi Ishita, Tetsuya Nakatoh, Kohei Hatano and Michiaki Takayama.

[Practitioner] Redesigning the Open-Access Institutional Repository: A User Experience Approach

Edward Luca and Bhuva Narayan.
Room B

Session 3B: Social and Scholarly Media

Chair: Doug Oard, University of Maryland

[Full] Twitter User Classification with Posting Locations

Naoto Takeda and Yohei Seki.

[Full] Why do People View Photographs on Instagram?

Chei Sian Lee and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin.

[WiP] Improved Identification of Tweets that Mention Books: Selection of Effective Features

Shuntaro Yada and Kyo Kageura.

[WiP] A Visualization of Relationships Among Papers Using Citation and Co-citation Information

Yu Nakano, Toshiyuki Shimizu and Masatoshi Yoshikawa.



Thematic Session 2: What We Can Do in/for Natural Disasters



*Posters are requested to be removed by presenters during the break.

Room A

Session 4A: Opinion and Sentiment

Chair: Sally Jo Cunningham, University of Waikato

[Full] Expanding Sentiment Lexicon with Multi-word Terms for Domain-Specific Sentiment Analysis

Sang-Sang Tan and Jin-Cheon Na.

[Full] Temporal Analysis of Comparative Opinion Mining

Kasturi Dewi Varathan, Anastasia Giachanou and Fabio Crestani.

[Full] Sharing Brings Happiness? : Effects of Sharing in Social Media Among Adult Users

Chei Sian Lee and Winston Teo.
Room B

Session 4B: Models and Guidelines

Chair: Jian Qin, Syracuse University

[Practitioner] Guidelines for Digital Curation for the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre’s (SAC) Digital Repository, Thailand: Preliminary Outcome

Sittisak Rungcharoensuksri.

[WiP] Process-Oriented Descriptions for Scholarship and Publishing

Robert Allen, Hanna Song and Boeun Lee.

[WiP] Direct Representation of History using Rich Semantics

Robert Allen.

[WiP] Preserving Container - Requirements and a Todo-List

Klaus Rechert, Thomas Liebetraut and Euan Cochrane.

[Full] Development of the Imaginary Beings Ontology

Wirapong Chansanam and Kulthida Tuamsuk.
Room C

Graduate Student WS (Ideathon) (2/2)


Banquet ( supported by Infocom ) / Best Paper Award [ Sansuitei ]

time Room A:
International Conference Room
Room B:
5th Conference Room
Room C:
3rd Conference Room

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Room A

Session 5A: Analyzing and Using Wikipedia

Chair: Christopher Khoo, NTU

[Full] DOI Links on Wikipedia: Analyses of English, Japanese, and Chinese Wikipedias

Jiro Kikkawa, Masao Takaku and Fuyuki Yoshikane.

[Full] Cross-Modal Search on Social Networking Systems by Exploring Wikipedia Concepts

Wei Wang and Xiaoyan Yang.

[Full] Suggesting specific segments as link targets in Wikipedia

Renzhi Wang and Mizuho Iwaihara.
Room B

Session 5B: Education and Digital Literacy

Chair: Maja Zumer, Univerza v Ljubljan

[Full] A Lecture Slide Reconstruction System based on Expertise Extraction for e-Learning

Yuanyuan Wang and Yukiko Kawai.

[Full] Developing a Mobile Learning Application with LIS Discipline Ontology

Chao-Chen Chen, Weichung Cheng and Yi-Ting Yang.

[Full] Heuristic evaluation of an information literacy game

Yan Ru Guo and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh.



Keynote 3: Personalized Participatory Nation Through Data Analytics

Speaker: Prof. Ee-peng Lim (Singapore Management University/the Living Analytics Research Center (LARC))
Chair: Chern Li Liew (Victoria University of Wellington)

Student Workshop Report & Closing


Lunch (on your own)

Room B


Room C

ICADL WS2: Rich Semantics and Direct Representation for Digital Collections

Room C

ICADL WS3: Data Curator Role and Responsibilities in Open Access