About Tsukuba

 Tsukuba City

Tsukuba City is located approx. 50 km from Tokyo, only 45 min. by Tsukuba Express line (express railway) and 60 min. by car, which is an excellent accessibility from the central area of Tokyo. The topography is rather flat covered with rich nature, such as Mt. Tsukuba at the north which is familiar to many people, and Lake Kasumigaura at the east which is the second largest lake in Japan. The climate is relatively warm throughout the year, which makes a very comfortable environment.
(Cited from City of TSUKUBA Web site)

Conference Venue

 December 5 (Mon)

Media Union Building on Kasuga Campus

Kasuga Campus is located near Tsukuba Center (about 10 minutes on foot).

[The campus map of Kasuga Area]

 December 6 (Tue) - 9 (Fri)

University Hall (Daigaku Kaikan)

University Hall is located about 3.5 km North from Tsukuba Center.
Please see [the local bus information below Transportation[2] ].

[The campus map around University Hall]

 Internet Access

We provide eduroam (education roaming) Wi-Fi. Participants from other eduroam participating institutions can have Internet access on campus by using their own eduroam ID and password. To use eduroam, visit Internet Access for Visitors to the University of Tsukuba.


General transportation information: Click on “Detailed Transportation Information” below to see comprehensive transportation information to University of Tsukuba.

Detailed Information on Transportation

  [1] Transportation to Tsukuba Center from Tokyo/Narita and Tokyo/Haneda airports

Narita airport:

Express Bus is the easiest and common route.
There are bus ticket counters in the arrival lobby of terminal 1 and 2.
You need to come to terminal 2 if you arrive at terminal 3,

Haneda airport:

Express bus would be the easiest to travel with a large baggage.
An alternative is trains through central Tokyo by trains.

  1. Take Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsu-cho,
  2. Take JR Yamanote line or Keihin Tohoku line to Akihabara
  3. Take Tsukuba Express to Tsukuba (about 45 minutes by Rapid service, 55 minutes by Semi-rapid)
Express Bus

  [2] Transportation between Tsukuba Center and University Hall (Daigaku-Kaikan)

The University Hall is around 3.5km away from Tsukuba Center. The local bus system is the most convenient way to travel between the two areas. Please note that all events on December 5 (Mon) are held at Kasuga Area (Kasuga Campus), which is within walking distance from Tsukuba Center. (See [5] below.)

From Tsukuba Center bus terminal, use Stop 6 and take the 筑波大学循環(右回り) bus, or the University of Tsukuba Loop-line (Clockwise) bus. Note, Stop 6 also serves the筑波大学循環(左回り)bus, or the University of Tsukuba Circulation (Counter-Clockwise) bus. Both will arrive at the University Hall, but the Loop-line(右回り)bus is the preferred route bus to take, so please take note when using the bus. Both are number C10.

You can take buses number 10,11C, 20, 30, 30A bound for Tsukuba Univ.chuo at Stop 6. The name of the bus stop at the University Hall is Daigaku-Kaikan-mae. From University Hall to Tsukuba Center, take the Counter-Clockwise bus. There are other services that connect Tsukuba Center and University Hall. Those who have interests in those services please check “Detailed Transportation Information.”

Tips to ride local buses

  • Fare between Tsukuba Center and Daigaku-Kaikan-mae is 200 jpy.
  • Payment by cash: get a paper strip (整理券) at the entrance when you get on the bus. Pay to your driver when you get off the bus.
  • Payment by IC card: Touch an IC card reader at the entrance when you ride and touch an IC reader at the bus driver when you get off.
  • Some buses are cash-only but all Circle buses have IC card readers.

  [3] Transportation to Central Tokyo

The Tsukuba Express (TX) train connects Akihabara Station in Tokyo and Tsukuba station underground at Tsukuba Center. It takes 45 minutes and 55 minutes by Rapid and Semi Rapid, respectively.

  [4] Transportation to Tolyo/Narita and Tokyo/Haneda airports from Tsukuba Center

Bus tickets (ticket machines and service counter) are available on the first/ground floor of BIVI at Tsukuba Center.

Narita airport:

Express bus to Narita airport terminal 1 & 2.
Reservation is suggested. Reservation service is available at the bus service counter.

Haneda airport:

Express bus to Haneda airport International and Domestic Terminals.
No reservation required.
It is suggested to assume extra time to Haneda airport caused by traffic jam on highways.

  1. Take Tsukuba Express to Akihabara
  2. Take JR Yamanote line or Keihin Tohoku line to Hamamatsucho
  3. Take Tokyo Monorail to Haneda Airport Int’l Terminal, Terminal 1 or Terminal 2

  [5] Access from Tsukuba Center to the venue on December 5 (Mon), Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science (FLIMS) Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies (GSLIMS)

The home of FLIMS and GSLIMS is Kasuga Area of the Tsukuba Campus of University of Tsukuba. This campus was used by former University of Library and Information Science from 1979 to 2002. It is within a walking distance from Tsukuba Center. The information below would be useful to use map search services on the Web,

Address: 1-2, Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.
Search term: “Kasuga Area, University of Tsukuba”


Daiwa Roynet Hotel TSUKUBA

Stars: 3
Access: 1 minute walk from TX Tsukuba Station


Stars: 4
Access: 2 minutes walk from Tsukuba station

Hotel Mark-1 Tsukuba

Stars: 3
Access: 2 minutes walk from the north exit of Kenkyu-gakuen station on Tsukuba Express

Hotel Grand Shinonome

Stars: 3
Access: 8 minutes walk from the A5 exit of Tsukuba station


Stars: 3
Access: located in front of Kenkyu-Gakuen station
[reservation page]

Toyoko Inn Tsukuba Express Kenkyu-gakuen-eki Kita-guchi

Stars: 2
Access: 3 minutes walk from the north exit of Kenkyugakuen Station on Tsukuba Express

Hotel New Takahashi Takezono

Stars: 2
Access: It is about 3 minutes in the car to the bus terminal at Tsukuba center from the hotel.

Tsukuba Kenshu Center

Stars: -
Access: 5 minutes by taxi from TX Tsukuba Station.